Europe Baby Jelle Mix Nursery Furniture

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If you like a rugged interior and 100% natural materials you will fall in love with the Jelle Mix nursery.

Jelle is made of solid pine that has the appearance of rough-hewn boards. The nursery furniture is finished in different shades of grey. The design is tough and robust which is why this furniture is suitable for both a modern, playful nursery and a somewhat more rustic interior.

With Jelle you design your own nursery.
Do you need a lot of cupboard space? The wardrobe with two doors, drawers and open compartments is perfect for you.
If you need less space you can also opt for the 2-door wardrobe.

In addition you can choose between a standard chest of drawers and the XL chest of drawers. The latter has an extra door compared to the standard chest of drawers, so it is extra wide.

The Jelle Mix range features two cots. One is a standard baby cot and the second cot can be converted into a toddler’s bed.
Needless to say, both cots are height-adjustable and have a slatted base that has three different height settings. If you choose the toddler’s cot we will supply the junior side panels free of charge.

Jelle Mix is rugged nursery furniture for cool kids!

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